We are a non-partisan Political Action Committee created by local citizens to promote responsive city governance. Members of LOCAL come from a broad spectrum of the community . We represent parents, students, retirees, business owners, tax payers, home owners, and renters, and reflect a wide range of varied backgrounds and beliefs. What unites us is our shared LOCAL values which include:

  • Prioritizing local needs
  • Ensuring fiscal responsibility
  • Focusing on essential city services
  • Preserving local community character
  • Respecting all citizens and their rights

Our goal is to involve and inform Lake Oswego citizens on key community issues. In today’s political environment, the opportunity to have real conversation is drown out by shrill disagreement far too often. We strive for a more nuanced and respectful dialogue that will help ensure our wonderful community remains so for both today’s Lake Oswegans, and for future generations. We invite you to learn more, and to become part of our efforts to create a more informed and active citizenry.