As a non-partisan citizens organization comprised of members who represent the full political spectrum, LOCAL wants to ensure that we elect a mayor and city councilors who are focused on Lake Oswego and committed to these 5 values:

  • Prioritize local needs

  • Ensure fiscal responsibility

  • Focus on essential city services

  • Preserve local community character

  • Respect all citizens and their rights

Campaign contributions and endorsements are often helpful in understanding nuances between candidates. So, below is an overview for each mayoral candidates’ campaign contributions reported to the State as of Tuesday, September 27th. These are listed in order of most to least financial contributions. You can check campaign contribution details by going to ORESTAR Campaign Contribution Site.

Jon Gustafson $14,529 in contributions

While most of the contributions have been under $100 (and therefore no specific contributor reporting is required), those over $100 include: John Gustafson, Bill Dickey, Mike Buck and Matthew Levin.

Kent Studebaker $17,895 in contributions

Kent’s primary financial contributors are: Erika Miller, Darrell Brett, Bob Packwood and David Ellis.

David Berg $3,511 in contributions

Dave’s major contributor is David Luck.

Please forward this to your Lake Oswego friends and neighbors!